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An online Catholic website that offers a plethora of resources: sacramental preparation, faith formation, bible studies, children’s and youth programs, apologetics, current hot-button topics, movies, audio books and more! Registration is free to all St. Patrick’s Parishioners. Below is an informational video. Simply click to get started!


Saint John Paul II National Shrine


The Saint John Paul II National Shrine is a place of worship, religious formation, and cultural renewal to feed the minds and souls of its visitors. It is a place of pilgrimage with a first-class relic of St. John Paul II’s blood available for veneration.

Through liturgy and prayer, art, cultural events, and religious celebrations, pilgrims can enter into our patron’s deep love for God and for man. A major permanent exhibit highlights significant events in the life of Pope John Paul II and his momentous influence as the spiritual father of one billion Catholics and as a world leader.

From its conception, the Shrine was intended as a response to St. John Paul II’s call for a “new evangelization,” which was repeated by Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis. It is meant to be a place of genuine encounter with God that leads to a renewal of individuals, families, societies, and cultures — a place where God, who “entered history” (John Paul II, Homily, Dec. 24, 1999), heals and renews every dimension of human life.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops designated the Shrine a national shrine on March 14, 2014.

Our Lady of Bethesda Retreat Center


A local Catholic retreat center that offers the Spiritual Exercises for men and women (separately, and in 3, 4 or 6 day formats); personal retreat days; mini-retreats for women; monthly reflections for men; marriage preparation and family enrichment activities.

Thomistic Institute

Dominican shield

The Thomistic Institute exists to promote Catholic truth in our contemporary world by strengthening the intellectual formation of Christians at universities, in the Church, and in the wider public square. The thought of St. Thomas Aquinas, the Universal Doctor of the Church, is our touchstone.

The Thomistic Institute is part of the Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington, DC.  It was founded in 2009.

Word on Fire Engage

Bishop Barron has made all of his videos and productions (including his widely acclaimed ‘Catholicism’ series, ‘The Mass,’ ‘Pivotal Players,’ and much more!) available to Parishes through his Word on Fire Engage. This also is free to all Parishioners. Simply follow the link above for access! One of Bishop Barron’s many videos is below.