Leisure Club

Primary purpose

  1. To share faith in Christian fellowship with one another.
  2. To provide opportunities to perform charitable works.
  3. To offer recreation, trips and other social activities.

Group activities

  • Monthly rosary, Mass, and luncheon followed by a business meeting and recreational period.
  • Support to and from Parish Ministries and Outreach programs interacting with our Senior members


The  ongoing coronavirus  pandemic  is  of  major  concern  to Seniors, and is greatly impacting our planning. We  do  not  expect  to  offer  luncheon  meetings before   next   January   and   we   are   exploring options  for  packaged    meals    from    local establishments,   with   priority   being   given  to independent  or  family  owned  restaurants.

The planned fall bus trip to “Sight & Sound” theater in  Lancaster,  PA  is  canceled.

Virtual Meetings

We  are  also exploring a series of monthly “Virtual Meetings” using Zoom, offering  Rosary  and  a  speaker  and  panel discussion around topics of interest to Seniors.

Attendees would be at home, or meet  in  small  groups  maintaining appropriate social distancing around a computer connected to a large screen TV.

If you would like to be invited to these “experimental virtual meetings”, please send us a message using the contact tab above.